Welcome to ARG Steel

“Create products and materials that combine high strength, durability, and sustainability to achieve a perfect balance of performance and eco-friendliness.”

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“The foremost option for durable concrete, engineered to withstand the test of time and environmental challenges.”

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“Exemplifying mastery in maintaining consistency and upholding unmatched quality standards.”

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“Dedicated to delivering excellence through uncompromising quality and exceptional outcomes.”

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“Pioneering sustainable construction practices, we are pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for durability, strength, and environmental consciousness.”

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Welcome to ARG Steel

We would like to introduce ourselves as ARG STEEL & POWER PVT LTD., one of the leading name when it comes to GGBS manufacturer & GGBS dealer. We entered into GGBS manufacture in 2021 with a vision to ensure a sustainable future for the country by producing eco-friendly GGBS by using industrial by-products such as Blast furnace slag.

We produce the export quality GGBS for all kinds of construction projects like high-rise buildings, sewage treatment plants, dams, and plans to cement products like tiles and more. Further, we feel proud to announce that ARG is step up its foot in the field of manufacturing of SUPERFINE.

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Our Products



GGBS replaces a substantial proportion of normal cement OPC in RMC. The mixing varies from 30%to 70% approximately (generally 50%). The higher the proportion, the better is durability for Concrete

Super Fine GGBS

Superfine GGBS is a low calcium silicate mineral based additive which is controlled for its particle size distribution to achieve the high levels of reactivity. Fineness and high reactivity of Superfine GGBS attributes to enhanced hydration process. 

Our Management

R B Mishra
Technical Consultant

A P Dwivedi
Production & QC Manager

Suresh B Poojar
Marketing  & Admin

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