SuperFine GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag)

Superfine GGBS is a low calcium silicate mineral based additive which is controlled for its particle size distribution to achieve the high levels of reactivity. Fineness and high reactivity of Superfine GGBS attributes to enhanced hydration process. Addition of Superfine GGBS improves the particle packing of paste components which ultimately leads to concrete with higher strength and improved durability.


  • Faster strength development at an early age in concrete.
  • Improves pore structure in concrete leading to increased ultimate strength and increased durability.
  • Increased resistance against harsh environmental conditions.
  • Maintains pH of concrete, helps protect steel reinforcement.
  • Better rheology and pump ability in concrete compared to other micro fine materials.
  • Reduces striking time of form work, helps quick rotation of form work.
  • Better initial slump and increased slump retention without increasing chemical admixtures. 


Superfine GGBS bags must be stored in a ventilated, dry area and must be protected from moisture and direct sunlight. Properly stocked sealed Superfine GGBS bags can be used up till 6 months from the date of manufacturing. 


Superfine GGBS is a hydraulic additive and should be added in a measured and controlled manner and mixed along with cement or other pozzolanic material. Proper dispersion of the Superfine GGBS must be ensured to achieve the best results. It is recommended to use 4% – 8% Superfine GGBS by weight of total binder in concrete/mortar mix design. This value depends upon the grade, type and application of the concrete mixes. For special cases, this dosage value can vary but it is recommended to validate it first in the laboratory. 

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